theclumsyone (theclumsyone) wrote,

Protected from Meghan.

Oh gosh, I haven't written in this journal in weeks! I probably have loads I could have written about, but Mother has been keeping me busy and Meghan never leaves me alone, even though she says I follow her around all the time. I don't, she always comes to find me and then sits down as if she doesn't care and starts talking about something ridiculous like how Father doesn't love her anymore because he's never home, or how Mother hasn't given enough parties and how is she supposed to find eligible men if we don't entertain. Honestly, Meghan! Father not being home has nothing to do with her, and Mother is not about to throw parties without Father here to host them, it just isn't done. She knows that, she just wants attention.

Andy's party was brilliant, her dress was so pretty, and her necklace looked like it belonged to a queen or something. It was a bit Even if Luc


It was strange, being in the same room as Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa. I like Andy, and of course I've known Narcissa for ages, but she's not like Andy at all. And Bellatrix scares me..the look in her eyes all the time is like those Slytherins in this is all a joke and no one else gets it except her and she's just waiting for the punchline. Lucius is horrible, he has dead eyes and he thinks he's so smooth, but he's just smarmy and I don't know how Narcissa can like him. She's not much older than Meghan but she acts like she's so high and mighty.

I don't know how Andy turned out so different, but I'm glad she did. She's always nice and even though her and Patch always go off and do things without me, I still really like her. I hope one day they'll realise that they are just perfect for each other and then Andy would be my actual sister. She'd be nice to me too, not like Imogen or Meghan. She'd be a proper sister.

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