theclumsyone (theclumsyone) wrote,

My classes are going ok. I think maybe one of the teachers said something to my classmates, 'cause they're all being really nice. And they all know about...well, about me being in the hospital wing. I think no one really knows what happened. Which is better, I guess. I've got so much work to catch up on, but I have lots of time to myself now, so it's not too bad. It's kind of nice to be back in the normal world classes.

I really wish I could remember what happened. I remember bits, and I see things in my nightmares dreams but I don't know what they mean, and Patch won't tell me anything. Keeps saying how I'm better off not knowing, if I don't remember then that's a good thing, but I want to make sense of what's in my head and I can't. He looks so worried every time he sees me. I want my smiling happy brother back. The one who can burp the alphabet and charm paper into necklaces for me and who made me snort milk through my nose once, even though that annoyed Mother. I told him I'm not having nightmares anymore, 'cause I want him to think I'm ok. I am ok. I will be ok. At least people are not talking about me anymore. At least not where I can hear them, and I'm done trying to be everyone's best friend. I know what so-called 'friends' can do. I remember that much. I'm better off on my own.

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