theclumsyone (theclumsyone) wrote,

Vesta taught me a new hex spell today. It was really cool, once I got the hang of it. She's so much nicer than the girls in Ravenclaw. She actually talks to me, not about me, and she's shown me a couple to use if they start picking on me again. Most of them just keep out of my way though. I prefer it that way. Bunch of losers.

Elmer helped me out with my potions essay too. It's done now, and he said he'd help me again if I needed it. He also said that I could sit at their table whenever I wanted. And Barty said I should sit there again, and Regulus said I could hang out with him sometime too. This it was real friendship is about. You're supposed to get that in your own house, but since my house seems to hate me because of what bloodline I have, then I guess I'll get it elsewhere. I so should have been in Slytherin.
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